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Waxing Services

Please allow 24 hours after waxing before sunbathing or tanning. Newly waxed skin is more sensitive to the sun and will burn easily.Waxing services cannot be performed if you are currently or/in the last three months using Accutane, Retin-A, Renova, or any type of skin thinning medication . Waxing Skin while on medication may cause severe reaction and/or damage to your skin.

Due to variations in hair growth, waxing prices may vary (+)

 Brows $15
 Upper Lip $10
 Brows and Upper Lip $20
 Lower Lip and Chin $20
 Brows, Upper Lip, Chin $30
 Sideburns $20
 Forehead $20
 Full Face $40
 Underarms $15
 Full Arms $40
 Half Arms $30
 Tummy $20
 Bikini $20 & up
 Brazilian $40 & up
 Full Legs $50
 Half Legs $40
 Chest $40
 Back $40
 Hands $10
 Feet $10